Episode 046 - Swordfish & Elevation 66’s Ramble Tamble Red

January 18th, 2017

This week, Steve & Izzy discuss this 2001 hacker-action film that has some oddly significant conspiracies mixed into it... but all that anybody remembers is John Travolta's inexplicable facial hair & Halle Berry's tremendous tits. I mean seriously... you don't even remember that Hugh Jackman is in this movie, do you? They also try some wonderful beverages courtesy of Oskar Blues, North Coast & Elevation 66 Brewing companies. Please download, grab a few beers, and enjoy them with us!!! Prost!!!


Episode 045 - Aeon Flux & Uinta Punk’n Ale

January 10th, 2017

Steve & Izzy discuss this 2005 movie based on an early 90's MTV TV series (back when they had music) and set in a futuristic world where "blades of grass" and "hands for feet" are taken quite literally... and Academy Award winning actresses have the most incredible mourning wardrobe. We also try some wonderful selections from Uinta Brewing, 21st Amendment & Talisman Brewing. So download, kick back, grab a few futuristic beers, and enjoy with us! Prost!


Episode 044 - XXX State of the Union & Devastator Double Bock

January 3rd, 2017

Steve & Izzy discuss the sequel of the XTREME Secret Agent movie series that... was forced to wait a decade-plus after this entry for an end to the trilogy. Ice Cube & Xzibit collaborate on the soundtrack and actual movie paired with Samuel L. Jackson & the great Willem Dafoe... in which there is a great internal political power struggle... and explosions and bullet trains and chicks in chop shops and... yeah, just enjoy it!!! They also try some delicious Mountain West beers from Wasatch, Moab & Oskar Blues Breweries... so grab a few brews, kick back & enjoy!!! Prost!!!


Episode 043 - Year End Spectacular with “Four Rooms”!!!

December 31st, 2016

Steve & Izzy have a full SUPERSIZED show today to ring in 2017!!! They start off with the 1995 anthology movie "Four Rooms" where of course... four rooms means... FOUR BEERS!!! This week's selection includes samples from Utah's Epic & Uinta Brewing, a Vintage Ale from Trader Joe's... and possibly the GREATEST BEER IN THE WORLD!!! Not enough exclamation points?!? Well... we also recap our previous episodes from the year, let you know the Best & Worst movies of 2016, and then look ever excitedly toward the cinematic year of 2017 with a list of movies that are DESTINED to be featured on this podcast!!! So join us, have fun, be safe & help us ring in 2017 with a BANG!!! Prost!!!


Episode 042 - Shark Lake & Uncommon Flamenco Roja

December 20th, 2016

Steve & Izzy discuss this streaming movie about a horrible father who smuggles animals(Dolph Lundgren) is imprisoned... and then rejoins the movie about 40 minutes later while a Lake Placid meets Jaws on a Blair Witch budget is going on. Regardless, there is plenty of good cheese to be had. We also pair that cheese with delicious selections from Uncommon Brewers, Headlands Brewing & Freewheel Brewing all based here in the San Francisco Bay Area... like this shark-riddled lake. So grab a few local brews wherever you are, turn on Netflix, and chill with us!


Episode 041 - Jaws 3-D & Jaws: The Revenge with Stone IPA

December 16th, 2016

Steve & Izzy discuss "Which is Worse?" with the horrible sequels to a cinematic legend, comparing the 3-D extravaganza to a Bahamas-based cash grab! They also try some India Pale Ales from Stone Brewing & Cigar City Brewing, as well as a Baltic Porter from Uncommon Brewers in Santa Cruz. So kick back, grab a few beers, and enjoy this wonderful nature documentary about VENGEANCE with us. Prost!!!


Episode 040 - Deep Blue Sea & Ballast Point’s Sculpin

December 6th, 2016

Steve, Izzy & special guest host / best man at our wedding Scott discuss the timeless classic about one woman's determination to find a cure for Alzheimer's Disease... and the supersmart killing machines she creates because of it. This movie includes one of the great movie deaths of all time... one of the best movie speeches... tons of explosion... and possible puppetry! So join us, won't you? We also try some Ballast Point's Sculpin IPA, 21st Amendment Back in Black IPA, and Wasatch's Raspberry Wheat to make all of the science in this movie work. So grab a few beers yourself & join us on this magical deep sea adventure! Deepest, bluest, my hat is like a shark's fin!!!


Episode 039 - Inspector Gadget 2 & Cigar City’s Maduro Brown Ale

November 29th, 2016

Steve & Izzy discuss this sequel to the motion picture loosely based on the 80's cartoon loosely based on a 60's TV series. Yes, we do it for you! We also try some wonderful selections from Anchor Brewing, Tampa's Cigar City Brewing & Corralitos Brewing... and spoiler alert, they're all pretty damn fantastic! So grab a few beers, check out "Inspector Gadget 2" currently streaming on Netflix, and enjoy it all with us!


Episode 038 - TMNT Out of the Shadows & Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

November 23rd, 2016

Steve & Izzy wish you a fantastic Thanksgiving by discussing this film about giant mutant turtles lead by a giant rat who battle an interdimensional brain bent on universal domination with the help of ninja, a rhino, a warthog & Dr. Madea. Ah, but the turtles have the help of a horrible pretty reporter, a whiny b**ch of a cop & a cameraman. We also discuss delicious beverages from Bell's Brewing in Michigan, Lagunitas & Anchor Brewing. So grab some beers, some turkey, some dressing, kick back & enjoy! Prost!


Episode 037 - My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas & Dogfish Head India Brown Ale

November 16th, 2016

Izzy discusses the history of My Little Ponies while Steve feigns interest... and then they both review this entry in their cinematic universe... which is surprisingly Christmas-y. They also try another selection from 21st Amendment Brewing as well as Anderson Valley & Dogfish Head. So download, grab your favorite pony, chase it with a beer & then enjoy along with us!!! Prost, darlings!!!


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