Bonus Episode - The Fast & The Furious 1954

May 8th, 2020

Steve & Izzy REALLY conclude living life a quarter-April at a time as they are joined by Brendan & Mariah from the What Were They Thinking? Podcast to discuss 1954's "The Fast & The Furious" starring John Ireland, Dorothy Malone and from the mind & pocketbook of Roger Corman!!! Does this movie have anything to do with the franchise that started in 2001? Why do the hosts' 1950's accents sound like depression-era Maine newscasters? Who is Susan's Vagina? What revelations about the Fast & Furious franchise will be gleamed from this movie & potentially spoil twists in the upcoming Fast 9?!? Let's find out!!!
So kick back, grab a few brews, interrogate a man in a coma, and enjoy!!!
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