Cast Away - Spawn Reboot

November 1st, 2019

Our game show "Cast Away" returns with the challenge to cast a reboot of the Spawn cinematic franchise, completely unrelated to the Todd McFarlane / Jamie Foxx project... or is it?!? The competitors in this 2nd round Tournament of Champions match-up are Brent from the Home Video Hustle, Jimmy from the History of Bad Ideas, and a special return guest appearance by Dr. Picolas Cage (Pickles)!!! What could go wrong?!?
So kick back, grab a few brews, WANDAAAAAAAAAAA, and enjoy!!!
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Also, if you're in Utah, come check us out at Brewvies Ogden every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 7-10 PM. This November 13th, we have a FREE screening of "Deep Blue Sea" with plenty of swag & fun to be had!!!

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