Episode 161 - Mistress of the Apes

April 2nd, 2019

Steve & Izzy start off APE-RIL based on a suggestion from their January movie watching habits... 1979's "Mistress of the Apes" starring... well, nobody really. A woman must travel deep into the African jungle with an off-putting bearded man & an expert hunter & guide in a safari outfit to find her missing husband... and no, this isn't "Congo"! Although she does end up having a relationship with somebody that doesn't make a lot of sense!
So kick back, grab a few brews, try to get the songs out of your head, and enjoy!!!
There's also an add for Podcoin at 49:32 with detail on how to start with 300 coins by using the code "STEVEIZZY" when you sign up to get PAID to listen to podcasts!!!