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Steve Kondrick - Co-host of EILFM, Homebrewer & Godfather of Panda Porn

Favorite Movies: The Big Lebowski & Scarface


Born between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis & the rise of the sons of Aryas, Steve was destined to wear the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon his troubled brow. All manner of pleasure & diversions were indulged. He began to realize his sense of worth. He mattered. In time, his victories could not easily be counted. Language & writing were also made available & he also came to know the pleasures of women, when he was bred to the finest stock. Okay, so I'm not Conan... but I know what is best in life. To crush your enemies, see them driven before you & hear the lamentations of their women! Hope you enjoy the podcast!




Fan Club Members!!!


Brendan Wahl - Co-host of What Were They Thinking? Podcast & King Arthur Historian

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction


Residing in the Great White North of Canadia, B-Wahl (as he's called in the streets) commands nothing short of perfection in his cinematic viewing. AFI Top 100? "That's a good start." Hitchcock's catalogue? "If you have nothing else." Paul Verhoeven marathon? "So sowry, but I was thinking aboot Orsen Welles." However, his uncompromising standards translate to his podcast game as well, being a fan of our tomfoolery & patronizing only the best in the format! You can hear all about his journey at & on all the podcatchers from Al Jazeera Network to Teddy Ruxpin Appreciation Society to PodKnife to Human CentiPod... and every one in between! Enjoy!!!


Michael Bagford - Podcaster & Rock Music Connoisseur 

Favorite Movie: Goodfellas


They say that Ohio is the Land of Hi's & O's... but it also the home of one of the greatest fans on Earth. When he's not listening to amazing podcasts & tweeting while going through the greatest rock albums of all time... there's not way to finish that sentence as that is what he does. Even when he's sleeping, podcasts are streaming through his mind like sugarplums accompanied by the sick riffs of rock stars past!!! The Man, The Myth, The Legend can be found on Twitter at @MichaelBagford but keep your ears for his name on other Castaway Podcasts... as he's always willing to lend his opinion or asks you questions that'll literally melt your mind!!!


Diana Rojek-Skonnord - Laughter Enthusiast & Co-Host of Happily Ever AfterMath

Favorite Movie: Hot Fuzz


The word Heroine is thrown are a lot these days... not nearly as much as Heroin... but the former is definitely appropriate for Diana. When she's not studying the relationships of movie characters with her co-host Polina, she retweeting & sending gifs to those in need of merriment!!! Even when she's dreaming of Dana Gould, podcasts are downloading directly into her cerebral matrix so that she can enjoy the worst cinema possible without even having to watch it with her own eyeballs. You can find her at @DeeRoSko throughout the Twitterverse but also check her out at @HEAMcast and Happily Ever AfterMath on your favorite podcatcher!!!


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